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Andy knocked on the door but nobody answered. It was her.

A pronoun you may recall is a word that replaces one or more nouns.

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Select All Questions. Find some great worksheets on the topic here. ___ is brown in color.

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Pronouns Quiz. delicious. Grade 8 (Virginia) NEW; Math: Pre-K - 8th grade; Pre-K through.

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This exercise is also available as a printable worksheet.

a connecting word: and, but, or. .

Some, such as “who” and “whom,” refer only to people. The answers consist of vocabulary words.

C) whom.
me, us, him, her, them.
Down 7.


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Each question will show you a sentence with the pronoun missing. It was she. .

Choose which pronoun correctly completes the sentence: "Mark, Sally, and I/me went to the ballet. Down 7. Identify the correct pronoun in this sentence! Furaha’s birthday is coming up. railroad d. . his 4.

For example: “Terry’s house” can be reworded using a pronoun to say “Her house.

This quiz also contains a section where students determine whether words are plural or possessive. Choose which pronoun correctly completes the sentence: "Becky and (she/her) played together all the time.


" She.

her 12.

Personal pronouns replace nouns.

He studied hard for the test.