We met all the cool salamancas.

Joaquin Salamanca In Breaking Bad season 4, Joaquin Salamanca, one of the remaining members of the Salamanca crime family , was present when Gus, Jesse, and Mike visited Don Eladio's estate to discuss their operations.

He is a bodyguard for Don Eladio and enforcer for the Cartel, as well as the grandson and last living heir of Don Hector Salamanca. .

The convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein appeared to threaten Bill Gates and tried to blackmail the multi-billionaire over his extramarital affair with a Russian bridge player, according to a.

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Just another bad day at the office. . That young man shot Joaquin to death.

With Diego Trujillo, Roberto Urbina, Sandra Reyes, Constanza Camelo.

Gaff should've been Joaquin Salamanca. . .

. He is a bodyguard for Don Eladio and enforcer for the.


As Gus, Jesse, and Mike make their way to the cartel's base of operations in Mexico, Skyler tries to contact Walt about their birthday present for Junior.

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. Joaquin Salamanca - Shot dead by Jesse.

But as.
We met all the cool salamancas.
Desperado: Throwing Knife Attack (DANNY TREJO SCENE) Breaking Bad Walter White Skyler Jesse Pinkman Gustavo Saul.

After recovering, Gus returns to Albuquerque and taunts Hector, telling him the cartel leaders are all dead, and that because of Joaquin's death, the Salamanca family line.

Hans Gruber - 'Die Hard' (1988) One of the most iconic villains in movie history, Alan Rickman 's turn as Hans Gruber in Die Hard made him a star.

And Tyrus Kitt- blown up by a bomb planted by Hector Salamanca. S. .

After his death, Gus tells Hector "the Salamanca name dies with [him]. 6m. Why haven't we seen him Better. A subreddit for fans and critics of the hit television series Breaking Bad on AMC. He died of brain cancer on October 11, 2019, the same day the movie was released, though he appeared in Better Call Saul as Ed posthumously.


I believe you have met him before. We met all the cool salamancas.

Danny Trejo as Tortuga.

" — Don Eladio.


Of all the Salamanca nephews, 50% of them have one syllable nicknames.

Hector Salamanca.